We create genuinely small batch gins at the distillery, in Aberdeen.  There are made available via demi-johns. 

Rhubarb Gin 39

You are welcome to drop in past the distillery and sample the current range of demi-johns.  The selection on sale changes over time. We love hearing feedback on what people think of the demi-johns.  We have a range of mixers you can try them with and we recognise that everyone’s palette is different.
If you do find something that you enjoy, we can fill a bottle right in front of you.  The sizes you can buy and take home are 20cl, 50cl (half litre), and 70cl (full size gin bottle).

The current range is

NEW: "Fresh Gin"
A refreshing traditional gin, full of citrus flavours.
Freshly created at the distillery. 
Winter Warmer
Rhubarb 38
Rhubarb 39
Chocolate and Mint
Treasure Clove

Coming soon

We will be introducing one more demi-john
(keep your eye on our social media)

A range of merchandise
(including our City of Aberdeen Distillery Gin Glasses)