What types of gift vouchers are there?

There are 2 main types of gift voucher available for purchase.

1 - Traditional gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available in various denominations and can be used to contribute in full or in part towards products/tours via the online shop or  distillery shop.  

Gift vouchers can be bought in the distillery or online.

2 - Tour gift vouchers

Tour gift vouchers are available for gifting a specific tour experience.

Typically provided as a code in e-mail, these codes can be redeemed against a tour of a specific type e.g. Gin School.

Gift vouchers can be bought in the distillery or online.

View a guide on how to redeem a tour gift voucher.

Physical vouchers

While all gift vouchers are provided by way of a unique code, we can also provide a physical version of the gift voucher to present as a gift - they take the form of a brown craft railway ticket. 

Gift Voucher