Gin School Experience


Gin School Experience

Become a Distiller and create your own gin in this 3 hour experience! Following a short talk and a tour of the facilities, choose from over 100 botanicals and distil your perfect bottle of gin using a beautiful copper alembic mini-still.

The group is led by the head distiller who is on hand to help you select the ideal botanicals and quantities for your unique gin recipe.

Finally, decide the strength, bottle and cap it, and label your own full sized 70cl bottle of gin - you’ll need a name for it too!

Double Gin & Tonic on arrival, drinks throughout, a chance to sample our range of demi-johns and celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail.

We can accommodate for up to 20 distillers at a time.

Before attending, please be sure to read our Essential Event information

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Duration: 3 hours (approx)
Group size: 2-20 people
Price: £105 / person

What's included?

  • Double Gin and Tonic on arrival
  • Talk on the history gin
  • Discover Aberdeen's rich distilling heritage
  • Tour of the restricted areas of the distillery
  • Introduction to the base botanicals that make up gin
  • Samples of our own genuinely small batch gins
  • Learn how to distil your own gin
  • Design your own gin assisted by the head distiller
  • Choose from over 100 botanicals in our botanical garden, including fresh citrus
  • Distil your own gin on a beautiful copper alembic mini-still
  • Choose the strength of your gin
  • Decorate and cap your gin
  • Take home a 70cl bottle of gin created to your own recipe
  • Drinks throughout (or non-alcoholic alternatives)
  • Celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail
  • An exclusive voucher entitling you to make another bottle of your own gin at a reduced rate
  • Shopping at the distillery shop


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Due to coronavirus, our events (tours/classes/experiences) have been suspended until further notice.
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Minimum age

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Challenge 25 is in effect.

Exclusive booking

Those who are booking for themselves/others who are considered to be vulnerable are welcome to request an exclusive event in order to minimise social contact. Exclusive events can be arranged up to a week in advance. We run events on demand and at short notice.
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COVID-19 information

As things can change quickly with coronavirus we are offering a no-fuss, no-fee rebooking/refund until further notice. Book with confidence that you can attend your event, rebook your event or simply get a refund.

We have implemented the Scottish Government’s recommended measures in order to protect everyone from COVID-19.

City of Aberdeen Distillery’s own hand sanitiser is freely available for use as required, social distancing at 1m (or 2m depending on the current guidance) and surfaces are regularly cleaned.






All tours start with a double G&T, include tastings from the current range of demi-johns and are led by the head distiller.

10% discount for group bookings of 10 or more.