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A unique selection of fully flavoured Aberdeen gins are available in our shop to take home. These are created in genuinely small batches by our head distiller here at the distillery.  Why not come and sample our latest flavours and discover the best of Scottish Gin. Available in 20/50/70cl sizes and tissue wrapped.

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Chocolate and Mint

Fresh Gin

Did you know that some bottles of gin have been on the shelf for over a year? Did you know that the citrus starts to fade after just 6 months? Ever tried a gin from your cupboard that has been open for a while? It’s underwhelming, right? Your gin died. Sorry. 💐 [Flower emoji]

Our Fresh Gin, made just a few weeks ago, using botanicals carefully prepared by the head distiller ensures the best possible flavour. It’s bursting with citrus flavour and is full of life – it’s our version of the ideal summer gin. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s re-fresh-ing.

Make the impressive Rubus Idaeus cocktail by adding fresh raspberries or enjoy something bitter sweet with a Daisy chain cocktail.

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Chocolate and Mint Gin

100% distilled. 0% sugar.

You were expecting a sweetened sticky liqueur right?

Chocolate and Mint Gin is a true London Dry Gin (completely distilled, nothing added) – even Willi Wonka is scratching his head with this one.

It begins with mint, which quickly transforms into long lasting smooth chocolate notes.

It’s the modern (adult) version of an after dinner mint.

Would you enjoy a cocktail that tastes of whipped white chocolate?  Take a look at  The Headmistress or even the nostalgic black forest Gateau from the chateau

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Rhubarb #38 Gin

A pure fruity rhubarb gin using locally grown fruit.

Dan recommends a 50ml (double) shot, light Fever Tree tonic water and ice in a gin glass - aromatically fruity.

If you fancy something more why not try the Gabriel or even a Rhubarb kiss

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Rhubarb #39 Gin

This gin is based on Rhubarb #38 but we’ve packed even more amazing botanicals into the recipe. The result is a smooth, complex drink with a fantastic finish. This is one to contemplate the mysteries of the universe over.

Alan recommends 50ml (double) shot, ginger ale, served in a cooled glass without ice.

If you fancy something more why not try the Gabriel or even a Rhubarb kiss

(same cocktails for both Rhubarbs - use your preferred rhubarb gin - pop in and try both).

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SOLD OUT - Treasure Clove Gin

A traditional London Dry Gin but we have elevated the cloves to make them the star botanical in this recipe. It’s flavourful and uplifting. As a neat drink it’s intense while with tonic it becomes crisp yet complex. A big hit with rum drinkers.

The scrumptious Apple pie and custard cocktail is creamy and fruity. The Madame is an ideal drink to toast an important event - keep a wee bottle prepared for your next birthday / special event.

SOLD OUT - Winter Warmer Gin

Find a roaring fire at home or in the hills.  Pour yourself a wee nip of Winter Warmer and enjoy the full and lasting flavours - it's like a blanket that surrounds you.  Smooth enough to be drank neat, yet packed with flavour to be enjoyed with tonic.  Stands toe to toe with an orange garnish.


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