The Aberdeen Gin Love Box

The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box
The Aberdeen Gin Love Box


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Product description

Valentine's day is Sunday 14th February - time is running out to find the perfect gift.

Why not treat your loved ones to a Valentine's miniature selection pack.  

We've selected 5 Aberdeen distilled gins for the perfect combination - Strawberry Gin, Chocolate & Mint Gin, Rhubarb Gin, Tuck Shop Gin and Scottish Bramble Gin.

Keep reading and learn why this combination is the best combination for Valentine's day and to find out about the new Love Glass.

What's included?

  • 5 x 5cl gin miniatures
  • All miniatures wrapped in glorious pink
  • 2 x distillery drink mats
  • Space to write a love message or poem
  • Option to upgrade to a distillery designed and crafted love glass


The Love Box

The Love Box is ready to gift - all you have to do is write your personal love message / poem on the box.  Each miniature is dressed in glorious pink and sits on a bed of soft luxurious red tissue.  Inside you'll also find two distillery drink mats - a reminder of your ginerosity.

The love box contains the following gins... 

Strawberry Gin

Scottish, paradise, ginseng and ridiculously delicious!

Aromatically fruity Scottish Strawberries, smooth pepper from Grains of Paradise, an earthy sweetness of Ginseng, and the traditional gin botanicals all combine to make this vivifying gin. Lively, uplifting and distilled in the heart of Aberdeen.

If only you had chocolate to go with these Strawberries...

Chocolate & Mint Gin

Goes well with Strawberry Gin .... though keep some and add a wee dash to the Scottish Bramble Gin to experience flavours of Black Forest Gateau cake.

Chocolate and Mint Gin is a true London Dry Gin (completely distilled, nothing added) – even Willi Wonka is scratching his head with this one.

It begins with mint, which quickly transforms into long lasting smooth chocolate notes.  It’s the modern (adult) version of an after dinner mint.

Not everyone gets the mint, while others it blows them away - if you find yourself with an awkward silence - ask your loved ones which one they experience.

Tuck Shop Gin

Tuck Shop Gin is made with flower petals - including red rose petals.

Tuck Shop Gin is a retro journey back in time to when you enjoyed treats from the local tuck shop. The flavour comes from flower petals rather than sweets - so it’s 100% natural & contains no sugar.

It also contains blue mallow flower - which gives a sweet and exciting ending.

Rhubarb Gin

It's pink!

A scrumptiously jammy Rhubarb Gin distilled right in the heart of Aberdeen City - using real Scottish rhubarb.  The special recipe includes generous quantities of botanicals that impart a long lasting sweet and warming flavour.

The initial tartness of rhubarb merges with deep botanical flavours before concluding with a long lasting peppery finish.

No colouring. No artificial flavouring.  It’s simply delicious, Rhubarb Gin. 

Scottish Bramble Gin

Keep warm together with Scottish Brambles.

This dark and mysterious Scottish Bramble Gin is imbued with warming notes of Cassia, Black Pepper and exotic Cubeb Berries. These flavours combine with Scottish Brambles to give a rich and luxurious experience. 

If only you had an amazing, locally crafted glass to go with these gins... 

The Love Glass

The drinking experience is not limited to the contents of the glass but the whole experience and ritual of preparing and enjoying your gin. This starts with your glass.

Many of us have strong feelings when it comes to selecting a glass but if you are spending money on a great gin, you want to make sure the whole experience is just right. From the width of the stem to the thickness of the rim. It all makes a huge different to your drinking enjoyment.

The love glass features a distillery designed, hand crafted, display featuring the word "gin" and two love hearts in red shimmer.


Why not also add a Rose Gold bow or a bottle of Strawberry Gin?




Specifications - Gin Glass



Non-tempered glass

Dishwasher safe
No - wash gently in warm soapy water to preserve the design






All items are gift wrapped in tissue.

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