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NEW GIN: Chamomile Gin

Introducing our latest gin - Chamomile Gin

Chamomile, rose and blue mallow flowers join with the traditional gin botanicals to give a luxuriously smooth and floral gin.

A sensation...


Fresh Gin's brand new label

Take a look at a "Fresh" new look for our Fresh Gin.

We have also tweaked the recipe to add new depths of delicious citrus flavour.


New design for Scottish Bramble Gin

Take a look at our new labels for Scottish Bramble Gin.


Have you seen our new labels?

In the coming weeks we'll be showing off our new range of labels and talking about the design journey for each one.

In this first post we'll delve into the original label designs (includi...


Pride 2021

We’re delighted to announce The Wandering Bartender has created a special “Pride 2021” edition of The Wandering Gin.

The Wandering Bartender created his very own gin at the City of Aberde...


Glass personalisation options

In addition to our existing glass personalisation options, we're now offering a new range of colours to choose from.


Valentine's day - The Love Box

The Love Box is ready to gift - write your personal love message or poem in the space on the fro...


New service - private virtual events

To start off the new year, we're introducing a new service - private virtual events.


Happy 1st Birthday to Aberdeen's Distillery

We look back at 25 moments in our first year as Aberdeen's Distillery


Scottish Gin Awards

Exciting news! We're finalists in the Scottish Gin Awards!


Announcing - Scottish Strawberry Gin

Made with Scottish Strawberries and Ginseng - our latest gin is now available.


The secret project has been revealed

We want everyone to become a distiller!  In this brave new world we’re adding a whole new dimension to the distillery experience – we’re bringing the Gin School Experience to you!