Announcing - Scottish Strawberry Gin

Strawberry Gin

The North East of Scotland is renowned for the quality of its soft fruit and one of the most popular is Strawberry. 

Our Scottish Strawberry Gin in made with locally grown Strawberries and distilled right here at the City of Aberdeen Distillery in the heart of the city.

We let the Strawberries sing - they are the star of the show - but we needed a backing group.  This is where Ginseng and Grains of Paradise come in as a supporting duet.

Ginseng to give a sweet earthy note and a mix of two types of pepper to give an exciting and lasting flavour.  This gin, like all of our gins, is very smooth and that’s due to the careful way our still is run to give the very best from distillation and our luxury organic alcohol.  

The flavour begins with fruity strawberry, followed by the earthy sweetness of Ginseng and concludes with a lasting and smooth fragrant note of black pepper.



The flavour profile

Aromatically fruity Scottish Strawberries, smooth pepper from Grains of Paradise, an earthy sweetness of Ginseng, and the traditional gin botanicals all combine to make this vivifying gin. Lively, uplifting and distilled in the heart of Aberdeen.

Our head distiller commented, “Our farmers give us such high quality ingredients that my job with this recipe was to find a way to let the berries shine while adding the other flavours in a way that did not interfere with that.  This resulted in a gin that not only does that but also has the happy side effect of having a really long lasting flavour profile.”

Drink less, drink better...

Many fruit gins (frequently termed "gin liqueurs") are often not actually gin at all, with some "gin liqueurs" being at around 20% ABV.  To be considered a gin, it must be at least 37.5% ABV - ours is a true fruit gin at 40% ABV.

Our fruit gins can use less sugar than gins liqueurs due to various advanced distilling techniques and premium ingredients.

Where to buy

You can buy Scottish Strawberry Gin at the distillery or in our online shop.