Delivery for...Albyn Medical Practice

Alan Milne, head distiller, hands over hand sanitiser to Albyn Medical Practice (while maintaining good social distance)


Our week finished with another delivery to a local NHS GP practice in Aberdeen. This time to one of the larger and oldest practices in Aberdeen – the Albyn Medical Practice. Their doctors and nurses use sanitiser both in the surgery and when out helping patients in the community.

We have now supplied WHO “formula 1” hand sanitiser to NHS GP medical practises across the city – we aim to supply all that need it for free as our contribution to keeping the city safe. If your medical practice needs some, please reach out to us (via email) and we’ll do our best to help.


"We are very proud to be supporting frontline staff and protecting the many people who rely on the Albyn Medical Practice. In the current environment, hand sanitiser is critical for frontline NHS staff.

It doesn’t seem that long ago we reclaimed the city’s lost distilling heritage, being the first distillery in Aberdeen for over 80 years, though we never thought we would be involved in helping the NHS to save lives. We are proud to support Aberdeen. We are proud to support the NHS."

-- Head distiller, Alan Milne

Please clap to support your NHS.

Stay safe,
Dan and Alan.