Fresh Gin's brand new label

Fresh new look.
Fresh new flavour.

As part of our label refresh series we're introducing the brand new design of our popular Fresh Gin - it's bright, lively and refreshing - now with a label that matches.

The prominently displayed fruit is a grapefruit - Fresh Gin is made to a classic gin recipe and is made with carefully prepared citrus - namely grapefruit and orange.

We serve Fresh Gin at the start of our tours, classes and experiences.

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Fresh Gin

A Fresh batch

All of our Aberdeen Gins are distilled right here in Aberdeen.  No one else is distilling gin in Aberdeen.  We make this true Aberdeen Gin every 2-3 weeks - it's literally...Fresh...Gin. 

At the time of writing, we've just put though a newly distilled batch of Fresh Gin through to the distillery shop (in-store/online).

The distillery shop is open from 12-5:30pm every day (closed Monday).
Pop in and ask for a sample (available with tonic / lemonade).

More flavour

For this new batch of Fresh Gin (and perhaps going forward), we have decided to include more of the citrus flavours - we did this by allowing some of the citrus oils to make it through into gin.

This results in two things - (1) a lot more of the exciting citrus flavours (2) a slightly cloudy appearance.

You may not even notice the gin going cloudy, especially if you are serving with ice, but it's something worth celebrating because you're about to have a very fine experience of flavour.

Part of a family

Trio of styles

Designed and drawn by hand

Sketch drawing of Fresh Gin

Fresh Gin - black background

Have you tried your gin...Fresh?

We recommend that Fresh Gin is served with a light tonic water.

Buy online today - Click & Collect / UK delivery available. Or pop into the distillery and enjoy a sample.

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