Introducing Aberdeen Gin - 1860 Gin - the ginny-gin you've been waiting for

✨️New Gin - 1860 ✨️As a result of exhaustive research into the history of gin, Alan, the Head Distiller, recently uncovered long lost gin recipes contained within a book dating back to 1860! This date falls within the golden times of the Victorian era - known for its contributions to literature, art, architecture, and technological advancements. During this period, there were notable achievements in science, industry, and culture, and it laid the foundation for many aspects of modern society.

Aberdeen Gin - 1860 is a gin recipe adapted from this celebrated era. While respecting the original recipe, we have made some modern-day improvements, such as the use of premium organic neutral grain spirit and the use of the latest in distilling technology and innovation.

This gin is a real treat for those who love Juniper - it's a really ginny-gin boasting high levels of juniper.

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