NEW GIN: Chamomile Gin

Brand new gin.
Brand new label design.

Chamomile, rose and blue mallow flowers join with the traditional gin botanicals to give a luxuriously smooth and floral gin.

A sensation of caramelised apple and soft subtle pepper which then blossoms into sweet fragrant rose.

Chamomile Gin is a traditional London Dry Gin combined with flower petals resulting in a smooth and floral gin.

You can try Chamomile Gin by visiting the distillery shop or enjoy a sample included during our tours, classes and experiences.

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Chamomile family

Part of a family

Quartet of styles

Designed and drawn by hand

Hand drawn design

Available in miniatures


Distilled in Aberdeen, Scotland

Scottish Gin

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Our recommended serve is with ice and a light tonic water a 1:2 or 1:3

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