Introducing...Lemon Zingle Gin

So, what is…Lemon Zingle Gin?

Experience the zing of lively citrus followed by a tingle of subtle sherbet flavours.  Fully distilled in Aberdeen using advanced distilling techniques, and boasting luxury smoothness thanks to the premium organic alcohol.

It's excitingly refreshing.

This was a tricky recipe to get right. It took hundreds of distillations to arrive at a recipe that deserved the Zingle title.

What is the distillers collection?

The distillers collection is a range of full-flavoured, limited edition, Scottish Gins. We call them Aberdeen Gins as they are designed, distilled, bottled and labelled right in heart of the city.

The City of Aberdeen Distillery is the first distillery in Aberdeen for 80 years.

It is home to the distillery, the shop and the Gin School Experience.


Why did we create this ultimate summer gin?

How often have you been served a gin with a slice of citrus?

It’s nice. But. The citrus often dominates the drink. That can be because the gin doesn’t actually have much citrus in it. Add a slice of fresh orange and it’s difficult to disagree with the suggestion that there “are citrus notes” in the gin!

So, we set out to create a gin as refreshing, crisp and citrusy as a gin adorned with a garnish.

How did we make Lemon Zingle?

Creating a gin is like painting. Layer upon layer.

Lemon Zingle Gin does indeed include lemons in the recipe, however, the quantities aren’t huge – even though the gin has wonderful lemony citrus flavours. So, how do we get the vibrant lemony flavour?

If you’ve been on the Aberdeen Gin School Experience you might know the answer already – there are herbs, such as Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, etc that can add a lemon flavour without using any lemons.


A few herbs, a few lemons – easy peasy, lemon squeezy right?

We wish! This is where the experience of the distiller is essential - each botanical must be prepared in the correct way and added in the right quantity to create a well-balanced gin. We then apply our advanced distilling techniques to carefully extract the best flavour from the botanicals in a traditional still.

It’s an art and a science at the same time.

It really is the ultimate summer gin and more importantly – a gin that needs no garnish – mission accomplished!

This gin is zesty and sweet – does it contain sugar?

We love giving our customers the good news that our traditional gins don’t have sugar.

It’s fully distilled in Aberdeen and is a London dry style gin – this means all the ingredients are distilled and nothing is added later (other than water – we use Scottish Royal Deeside water).

Our secret: we only use premium organic alcohol in our gins – including your own personal gin distilled as part of the Aberdeen Gin School Experience.

Where can I buy?

You can buy our range of Aberdeen Gins at our online shop (next day delivery available) or by visiting the distillery. We’ve recently introduced Click and Collect – so you can order online and pop in to collect – ready for the evening at just 1 hour notice.


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