Introducing... Tuck Shop Gin

So, what is…Tuck Shop Gin?

The latest gin to be added to the Distiller’s Collection is Tuck Shop Gin - a journey back in time, back to the days of the local tuck shop.

Go retro - taste the treats of the tuck shop.

We typically offer samples at the distillery before we release a gin - it’s great for us to discover what our customers think. This gin triggered strong impressions of various popular sweets and a few retro classics - thus the name Tuck Shop Gin.

If you prefer a little more mixer with your gin - this is a good choice of gin as the flavour effortlessly carries throughout. We recommend mixing with a light tonic water.

Tuck Shop Gin

What is the distiller's collection?

The distillers collection is a range of full-flavoured, limited edition, Scottish Gins. They are garnish optional as these gins are already bursting with flavour. They are true Aberdeen Gins as they are designed, distilled, bottled and labelled right here in the heart of the city.

The City of Aberdeen Distillery is the first distillery in Aberdeen for 80 years and is home to the distillery, the shop and the Aberdeen Gin School.

No one else is distilling gin in Aberdeen


Why did we create this nostalgic gin?

We wanted to demonstrate that gin is a canvas for an amazing range of flavours and how you can achieve surprising results from the clever use of select botanicals.

We’re not afraid to be innovative and try new combinations of botanicals to achieve a full flavoured gin.

Ideally we wanted to create a versatile gin that would appeal to those with a sweet tooth (without the sugar), while also having a fun florality.

How did we make Tuck Shop Gin?

Creating a gin is like painting. Layer upon layer.

The flavour comes from flower petals (rather than sweets) and along with the organic alcohol, that imparts a smooth sweet base, this gin is a treat of nostalgia and contains no sugar... - it’s a full-flavoured London Dry Gin. The London Dry Gin style is known to be the highest mark of quality in gin as everything that goes into gin is distilled and nothing is added afterwards.


This gin is sweet and smooth – does it contain sugar?

We love giving our customers the good news that our traditional gins don’t have sugar.

It’s fully distilled in Aberdeen and is a London dry style gin – this means all the ingredients are distilled and nothing is added later (other than water – we use Scottish Royal Deeside water).

Our secret: we only use premium organic alcohol in our gins – including your own personal gin distilled as part of the Aberdeen Gin School Experience.

Where can I buy?

You can buy our range of Aberdeen Gins at our online shop (next day delivery available) or by visiting the distillery.

Order online and choose whether we post it out to your or use our new Click & Collect service (free, ready in just 1 hour, saves on packaging).

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