New design for Scottish Bramble Gin

We’re excited to reveal our new label design for Scottish Bramble Gin.

Scottish Bramble Gin is dark and mysterious, imbued with warming notes of Cassia, Black Pepper and exotic Cubeb Berries. These flavours combine with Scottish Brambles to give a rich and luxurious experience.

The hand drawn, plump and juicy, bramble is unique piece of artwork created exclusively for Scottish Bramble Gin.

You’ll also notice that the bramble is bursting outside of the container of the label – we wanted to demonstrate that all of our gins are busting with flavour – waiting for you to release it….into your glass.

Our fruit gins all use real Scottish fruit.

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Scottish Bramble Gin

Hand drawn artwork

Bursting with fruit and flavour

Bramble Gin - side image

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Bramble miniature

Easy to recognise

Bramble - top sticker

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