New gin alert - Curry Gin

✨Announcing✨ Aberdeen Curry Gin.

Yes, you heard right...Aberdeen....Curry....Gin.

In the vicinity of Aberdeen lies an enchanted castle, within whose ancient walls a marvellously adorned spice cabinet was discovered. Crafted in the 17th century, this exquisite relic served as a repository for rare and exotic spices. In centuries past, the ornate cabinet remained securely locked, its aromatic treasures safeguarded exclusively for the privileged elite, a testament to the opulence of a bygone era.

Today those spices are unlocked and used to flavour a modern treasure – Curry Gin.

Juniper, clove and cardamom provides the introductory notes, soon followed by the floral notes of curry leaves, biscuit-spice of coriander and complex depth of cumin before finally descending into the exotic spice of cinnamon and long warmth of cassia and sichuan pepper.

Curry Gin celebrates the rich and vibrant flavours of exotic spices, sourced from around the world.

Remember to BYONB (Bring Your Own Naan Bread).

Curry Gin is also a long overdue bow of respect to Magnus who, when we first opened the Gin School decided to use not one curry leaf, not two, not three.... but HALF A TUB! It tasted delicious and 4 years later we've never forgot how good it tasted. So we raise a glass to Magnus and to those that have supported us since - it means a lot and we are so grateful. 🥳

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