New Gin - Thyme for Rosemary

New gin alert! Introducing Thyme For Rosemary Gin…

Thyme For Rosemary Gin, an Aberdeen Gin, is made using essential garden herbs; uplifting Cardamom and Basil quickly transcends into a crisp and floral experience of Rosemary before gradually making its way into deep woody Thyme for a richly satisfying Mediterranean conclusion.

How strong is the gin?

It's 42% ABV - we believe this is the best strength to carry the flavours. 

Why did we create Thyme For Rosemary Gin?

The flavour invokes memories and feelings of summer holidays.  Whether you are on the beach soaking the sun, enjoying an evening meal with a warm summer's breeze or exploring the mountains & lakes...Thyme For Rosemary Gin is just a perfect reminder of great times ... and hopefully an inspiration of good times to come.

Wait what?  A gin made with garden herbs?

All of the botanicals in this gin you are probably already familiar with.  Basil on your tomatoes / pizza / pesto, rosemary for your long cooked Sunday lunch, thyme for Christmas stuffing, cardamom in your rice - these are all flavours we already love, each with very different characteristics, so why not enjoy them in a gin?

Why did this gin take so long to be released?

Herbs give up their flavour really very easily.  However, like all good gins (or cakes), the recipe is what makes the gin (or cake) a good gin (or good cake).

We needed to produce dozens and dozens of test batches to get the flavour journey just right.  The Chief Gin Taster has been very busy recently! 

Now we believe the flavours are balanced just right and it makes for a great drinking experience.

How should one serve Thyme For Rosemary Gin?

We'd recommend a ratio of one part gin, to three parts light tonic water. 

If you're looking to maximise the drinking experience, why not try a curl of lemon and a wee sprig of rosemary - that is going to be an amazing overload to the senses.

Where can I purchase Thyme For Rosemary Gin?

The gin is available at the distillery to buy in-person and is also available online (Click & Collect / by post).

The gin is also available as an option for hampers, tasting boxes, personalised tasting boxes and personalised gin.

Enjoy a sample first - pop in and ask for a sample of Thyme For Rosemary Gin.

Buy Thyme for Rosemary online

...then book your summer holidays! :-)