Pride 2021

Celebrate Pride 2021 in style with The Wandering Gin.

We’re delighted to announce The Wandering Bartender has created a special “Pride 2021” edition of The Wandering Gin.

The Wandering Bartender created his very own gin at the City of Aberdeen Distillery’s Gin School and has redesigned his brand with help of friends and newlyweds Sofia and Vanessa.

The gin (fully distilled and bottled here in Aberdeen) uses plump, juicy Junipers handpicked in Macedonia. The citrus element come from a carefully curated choice of Moroccan Coriander, Lime Leaves, Orange and zesty Lemon. This is complemented by the summer taste of Elderflower to round out the gin.

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Pride 2021 - The Wandering Gin
The Wandering Gin - Pride 2021

Your Pride. Our Pride.

Pride is so important not just to the city, but to the nation and to the world – to support the LGBTQ+ community, to support our city, to hold onto the rights that we all deserve and to show support for our friends, neighbours, family, colleagues – but also help someone feel better in what could be a scary and paralysing moment in their lives.

However you choose to show your pride….be proud of who you are, be proud of your friends & family, be proud of who you love.

A portion of every bottle sold will be donated to an LGBTQ+ charity.

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