Thank you NHS!

You may have noticed that we’ve been closed over the last few weeks and many of you have been in touch to ask why?  I’m sorry to have to tell you that our Head Distiller, Alan, had suffered a life threatening medical emergency.

It started innocently enough: a headache at the start of April.  A few days past and the headache wasn’t improving – it had all the hallmarks of a migraine – but he didn’t normally suffer from migraines.  After a week he visited A&E in Aberdeen; they ran a barrage of tests.  A doctor approached him and said, “everything checks out…but we think it would be best to run a CT scan”. 

The CT scan was done, and then the scan was sent down to Edinburgh for a second opinion.  Around 6pm, after a long day in A&E, a doctor gave Alan the news that he had an aneurysm (a bulge on an artery) in his brain and it had burst … his brain was bleeding.  He had then become a class one medical emergency.

His family were called and his closest assembled.

He was ambulanced down to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI).  There is a specialist unit in ERI for this type of condition - they cover around 2.8 million people along the East side of Scotland.  Within an hour of arriving he was on the operating table.

This was a disturbing and frightening experience for his friends and family - around two thirds of people who suffer from this type of bleed either die instantly or are left with permanent disability. 

However, Alan is stubborn – he has escaped unscathed and has been gradually returning to full strength!

Alan selfie

"I am so grateful to the NHS for their amazing care. Without their quick thinking and expertise, I would not be here today. The staff in Aberdeen’s A&E and Neurosurgery departments and Edinburgh’s Department of Clinical Neurosciences were exceptional, and I cannot thank them enough."


Alan at the distillery




In conclusion, Alan's story is a testament to the excellent care provided by the NHS. The quick and efficient diagnosis, followed by the urgent transfer to a specialist centre in Edinburgh for treatment, undoubtedly saved his life. The expertise and dedication of the medical teams involved in his care are a shining example of the outstanding service provided by the NHS.

Thank you, NHS, for all that you do. 



To everyone - thank you for your support

We’d also like to thank everyone for their understanding and support during this time, especially those who were asked to reschedule their booking - your support is genuinely appreciated.

The good news is that the distillery shop is open again, we have freshly distilled batches of gin i.e. Fresh Gin, Lemon and Lime Gin, Scottish Bramble Gin.

The events are slowly resuming with limited events in May but then we’ll be returning to a full service in June.

Click & Collect / Delivery are operating as normal.

UPDATE: Alan is grateful for all of the best wishes.  The event schedule has returned to normal. 🥳