The Wandering Collab

The Wandering Collab

Have you ever wondered which gin is the ideal gin to use for a great cocktail? 

Thankfully there is one person who can answer this question with confidence – The Wandering Bartender, who designed the perfect cocktail gin at the City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School, based on his 10 years of experience working on the UK’s most prestigious cocktails bars.

We proudly present The Wandering Gin – available from Saturday 9th May 2020.

The gin was designed and prototyped by The Wandering Bartender at the City of Aberdeen Distillery’s Gin School.  Once the recipe was perfected, the Head Distiller, Alan Milne at the distillery set out to produce a true small batch edition of the gin.

The Gin

The Wandering Gin is built upon the classic gin base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica.  The carefully balanced recipe amplifies the citrus elements with fresh Orange and Lemon complemented with the exotic scent of Kaffir Lime Leaf.  Finally, the summer floral aspect comes from Elderflower.  If you prefer to drink neat you’ll find the complexity of the Elderflower opens out as you enjoy each sip.

The gin is made with Macedonian Juniper, Moroccan Coriander and Kaffir Lime Leaves from Thailand.  It’s is bottled at 42% which best carries the delicate flavours.

Made in Scotland

The botanicals are steeped in pure organic alcohol to help extract their flavours – they are then slowly distilled in order the extract the full essence of their character.

Gin at the City of Aberdeen Distillery is made using organic alcohol, athough twice as expensive, this results in a sweet taste and silky smooth texture.

The gin is a true Scottish Gin and made to the London Dry style, fully distilled, bottled, capped and labelled right in the heart of Aberdeen City. 

Each bottle is hand prepared – Made, Not Manufactured.

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The Wandering Gin