The Cocktail

A popular drink during Prohibition in the United States (1920's).
Based on a Margarita, which in Spanish means "Daisy".  

What you'll need

► 1½ shot (37.5ml) of Fresh Gin (available at the distillery shop)
► ½ shot (12.5ml) of Falernum
► 1 shot (25ml) fresh lemon
► ½ shot (12.5ml) Elderflower Gomme
► Bitter lemon 
► Lemon sugar 

► Ice
► Cocktail shaker
► Julep strainer (or tea strainer)
► Coupette glass

Step by step

  1. Prepare a chilled Coupette glass
  2. Create a rim of lemon sugar around the rim of the glass
  3. Combine the ingredients (except the bitter lemon) 
  4. Double strain into the glass
  5. Top with bitter lemon
  6. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon
  7. Enjoy!
Cocktail with botanical garden background