The Cocktail

Gabriel is made with our popular Rhubarb Gin

What you'll need

► Double shot (50ml) of Rhubarb Gin  (available at the distillery shop)
► 1 shot (25ml) fresh lemon juice
► ½ shot (12.5ml) of Elderflower Gomme
► Candied apple or mint sprig 
► 1 stick of rhubarb 

► Ice
► Cocktail shaker
► Julep strainer (or tea strainer)
► Rocks glass 

Step by step

  1. Prepare a chilled glass with a thin slice of rhubarb placed around the inside of the glass.
  2. Shake all (liquid) ingredients with ice
  3. Double strain into a rock glass over ice 
  4. Finally garnish candied apple / mint sprig
  5. Enjoy!
Rhubarb slice in glass