The Cocktail

Whipping up The Headmistress is easy.

Deliver a silky smooth white chocolate flavour of lasting pleasure before finishing with a kiss of refreshing lemon.

What you'll need

► Double shot (50ml) of Chocolate and Mint Gin (available at the distillery shop)
► ½ shot (12.5ml) of Triple Sec
► 1 egg white
► 1 shot (25ml) fresh lemon
► ½ shot (12.5ml) of vanilla syrup
► Ice
► Cocktail shaker
► Julep strainer (or tea strainer)
► Angostura bitters
► Coupette glass

Step by step

  1. Combine the ingredients and shake without ice for 30-60 seconds
  2. Add ice and shake again (briefly to cool)
  3. Double strain into the glass
  4. Decorate with small dashes of angostura bitters and swirl with a straw
  5. Finally garnish with a a dried lemon (or a curled peel of lemon on the rim of the glass)
  6. Enjoy!
Cocktail pouring