Helping the environment

Our drink mats

They are made from wood pulp board and vegetable based inks, they are 100% recyclable.

The super absorbent beer mat material is imported from Sweden and is manufactured by an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified organisation.  FSC certified means, in short, that wood based products are renewable and come from responsibly managed forests.  Vegetable based printing inks are used rather than the cheaper petroleum based inks. These inks produce lower emissions during the drying process and simplify the recycling process - they are made of a mixture of renewable resources such as flax, safflower and soy.

Our bottles

Our bottles use wood caps, paper watchstraps and our main gin uses a minimal tamper proof PVC transparent sleeve which is recyclable.

Our bottles do not have any processing / printing on them - they are simply glass and can be recycled (or upscale into a lovely lamp).

Our straws

We use paper straws.  They are red and white and look really funky.  Helping the environment can be fun!

Our distillery

If we do use any plastic items, when their usefulness is at an end at the distillery, we will make every effort to re-purpose them in order to extend their life. 
For example, plastic pot containers will be turned into plant pots and help grow fresh botanicals for use in the gin school, or drilled with holes to help water tomato plants (we don't want those stems to get wet).
Occasionally we may make these items available for free / for small cost to our customers and encourage others to help the environment.

We have created a lot of the furniture in the distillery - to avoid the use of plastic, we have used wood.  From the gin bench to the lights - we've done all that we can to avoid the use of plastic.


Our bags are paper and are 100% recyclable.  Any customer 'plastic' bags are biodegradable.

We're listening

If you see an opportunity for us to be more efficient, please tell us.  We love new technologies and love to give options to our customers.