Say hello to Dan and Alan.

Alan and Dan are good friends with a shared passion for craft and drink. They both dreamt of opening a business in Aberdeen and in 2013 decided to quit their jobs and pursue the ambitious goal of opening a distillery in the heart of Aberdeen City - the first for 80 years. 


Alan Milne - Distiller 

Alan makes wine from anything he can get his hands on, such as hand picked wild brambles or strawberries & rhubarb.
He grows Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes in his greenhouse in Aberdeen and has produced an actual Aberdeen wine.
The drinks he creates in the distillery are made with ingredients locally sourced where possible and he prepares ingredients by hand to ensure the best flavours are captured. He also preserves key botanicals to save the precious oils for just the right time.
At the distillery, he can be found adjusting valves / pressing buttons on various contraptions (some of which he has built) and experimenting with botanicals and flavours to produce new and flavourful drinks.


Dan Barnett - Distiller

Dan likes to make his own beer from raw ingredients - grain, hops, water, yeast and other ingredients to bring a refreshing but complex journey with every sip.  From deep toasted oak vanilla stouts to fresh citrus over-hopped IPAs.

He also has the responsibility of chief taste tester at the distillery - examining the quality, character, balance and the overall sensation at each moment.

Dan looks after the website, bookings and social media and can’t wait to answer your questions.

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