Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin

Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin

Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin
Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin
Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin
Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin
Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin
Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin

Designer Gin - distil your own small batch of Scottish Gin

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Craft your perfect small batch of gin on copper alembic mini-stills at the distillery
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Product description

Design and distil your very own batch of designer Scottish Gin on multiple copper alembic mini-stills at the City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School.  

Choose to bottle your gin into 5cl miniatures, 20cl, 50cl or 70cl bottles (or a mix).

Each bottle features bespoke labels to match your preferred style e.g. wedding stationary, company branding etc.  Labels are designed in-house to incorporate your graphics.

Keep reading below for more information.

What is a Designer Gin?

A Designer Gin is the perfect choice to mark a special occasion.

  • Would you like to impress your wedding guests with a special gin creation?
  • Show your appreciation to loyal clients with a company branded gin?
  • Looking to enhance your PR offering?
  • Add a sparkle to a special family gathering e.g. baby shower, special birthday etc.

You design the gin with assistance from the Head Distiller. Then select and weigh out your botanicals, combine with premium organic alcohol before finally distiling your very own gin in person at the distillery.

As you work hard to craft your perfect gin, you'll also be treated to several refreshing G&Ts.


The package includes the following...

  • Initial 1 hour consultation (in-person / virtually) to discuss your ideas for flavour and for your label style
  • 2 hours with the Head Distiller to craft your unique gin - including several refreshing G&Ts to enjoy
  • 7 - 14 litres of Scottish Gin (depending on the quantity chosen above)
  • Your gin bottled in 5cl miniatures, 20cl, 50cl or 70cl bottles (or a mix)
  • Bespoke labels - print and cut to shape
  • Tissue wrapped bottles with a personalised sticker seal
  • Certificate to show that your Scottish Gin was designed and distilled by you in Aberdeen.

Crafting your gin

The first step is to discuss your ideas with the Head Distiller who can offer general advice and guidance on your specific recipe.

On the day of the distillation session, you'll be helped to finalised your recipe and choose the quantities for your gin.

You'll then officially become an Aberdeen Distiller as you skillfully craft your perfect gin.

Following on from the distillation session your gin will be bottled, labelled and then packaged for collection a few days later.

The labels

Following on from your initial consultation, the team will also be in touch to discuss ideas for your label.

Labels are first prototyped so you can check what will be produced. We can take your graphics and incorporate them into a label design.

Once approved the labels are printed and cut - custom shapes of labels are also an option.

The watchstrap seal will be customised to match the style of the label.

The packaging

Your gin has been distilled, it has been bottled and labelled. Now it will be wrapped in tissue - we have a range of colours are available.

Each tissue wrap will be sealed with a customised sticker to suit your stationary / branding.

Bottles will be placed in boxes, ready for collection at a time that suits you.

How do I proceed?

Once you are ready to proceed, choose your preferred quantity above and complete the checkout process.

Within 24 hours you will be contacted by a member of the team to arrange your initial consultation and to book your distilling session.

The graphics team will also be in touch to discuss your label and packaging requirements.

Your gin could be ready within as little as 2 weeks.


I like the idea of a beskpoke gin flavour but I'd prefer to let the Head Distiller create the gin. Is this possible?
Of course, we can arrange for the Head Distiller to discuss your flavour preferences in person / virtually. You're welcome to attend the distilling session where you can make any amendments if you wish or simply watch the process unfold.
What if I need more than 20 x 70cl bottles? Do you offer larger batches?
Yes, for larger batches, the Head Distiller will disil your gin on a bigger still (attendance not required). The Head Distiller can discuss your recipe with you in-person / virtually. You have the option to prototype your gin first, either a full distillation or on a copper alembic mini-still.
What if I want a special botanical in my gin?
First of all, speak to the Head Distiller to discuss your ideas. Then, if we don't have it, we should be able to source it. Depending on the botanical(s) an additional charge may apply.


Can my order be delivered? Is delivery included?
The gin must be collected from the distillery - we can be flexible with timings for collection - from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
Can I upgrade my chosen quantity?
If you find you need to make more gin, we can upgrade your quantity for the difference in price. This can be done up to 48 hours before the distilling session.
What kind of gin can I make?
We offer the distillation of London Dry Gin.