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Designer Gin

Designer Gin
Designer Gin
Designer Gin
Designer Gin
Designer Gin
Designer Gin

Designer Gin

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Imagine if you had your very own gin!
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Product description

To get started with your very own, unique and designer Scottish Gin is easy.

The first step is to complete the purchase of the one-off design fee above, which includes...

  • A bespoke gin recipe - unique to you
  • Initial 1 hour consultation (virtually or in-person at the distillery) to discuss your ideas for flavours
  • Design assistance to help pull together your designs ideas
  • Bespoke label design for your bottles, including prototype labels and preparation for printing/cutting
  • Tissue wrapped bottles with a personalised sticker seal to match your branding - various colours of tissue available
  • Free collection from the distillery

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete the purchase of the design fee and we'll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your requirements and arrange your 1-1 consultation with the Head Distiller.  If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to get in touch

Keep reading below for more information.

What is a Designer Gin?

A Designer Gin is the perfect choice for those who wish to have their very own premium Scottish Gin made to a unique recipe.

  • Own a bar and want to have your very own "house gin"?
  • Looking to make a PR splash?
  • Want to stock your own gin in your hotel?
  • Add a sparkle to a special family gathering e.g. wedding.

Your gin would be distilled using premium, ultra smooth organic alcohol and a true Aberdeen Gin - distilled in the heart of the city.

Discuss your ideal recipe with the Head Distiller who will then use their extensive experience to craft your Scottish Gin.

Is there a MoQ?

Most distilleries will require a Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) of at least 1 pallet (usually around 500 bottles).

Our minimum order quantity can be one of the following...

  • 6 x 70cl bottles
  • 10 x 50cl bottles
  • 21 x 20cl bottles
  • 85 x 5cl bottles

Orders must be purchased in multiples of the MoQ. You can mix and match in multiples also i.e. order a set of 70cl bottles and a set of miniatures. E-mail us your order and we'll send out an invoice with a link to pay online with a credit / debit card (or bank transfer if you prefer).

How much are the bottles of gin?

The cost per bottle reflects our current public bottle costs. At the time of writing this is...

  • 70cl £37 inc. VAT
  • 50cl £27 inc. VAT
  • 20cl £14 inc. VAT
  • 5cl £6 inc. VAT

The cost per bottle includes the custom print/cut labels (for those labels produced in-house).

For purchases over time (including the initial order) of more than 35 litres of gin, we are happy to consider adjustments to the price per bottle cost. Enquire about our wholesale opportunities.

The labels

Following on from your initial consultation, the team will also be in touch to discuss ideas for your label.

We can take your graphics and incorporate them into a label design. Labels are first prototyped, with a few sample designs to choose from, we'll hone in on your preferred style and then produce a final version so you can see the label before we go into production.

Once you have approved the design, the labels are printed and cut - custom shapes of labels are also an option.

The watchstrap seal will be customised to match the style of the label.

The packaging

Your gin has been distilled, it has been bottled and labelled. Now it will be wrapped in tissue - we have a range of colours are available.

Each tissue wrap will be sealed with a customised sticker to suit your stationary / branding.

Bottles will be placed in boxes, ready for collection at a time that suits you.

Postage options may be available at additional cost.

How do I proceed?

Once you are ready to proceed, purchase the design package above.

Within 48 hours you will be contacted by a member of the team to arrange your initial consultation with the Head Distiller.

The graphics team will also be in touch to discuss your label and packaging requirements.

Your gin could be ready within as little as 2 weeks (please allow more time around festive / holiday seasons).


How do I know the gin will be perfect?
We would strongly encourage you not to anticipate the flavour of the final gin. Creating a gin is just as much an art as it is a science. We will take your desired botanicals and desired flavour profile and try to create a recipe that will stand a good chance at achieving the flavour you are looking for ... and hopefully surpassing your expectations. Behind the scenes we may perform mutliple distillations to search for the best flavour possible for a given set of botanicals - we really care that you'll enjoy your gin we make. We can also offer a "additional distillation" package should you wish to try out mutliple recipes (producing around 10 x 70cl bottles).
What if I need a large number of bottles?
Not a problem! If you intend to make a larger order, please give us additional notice as it will take time to distil, bottle, label and prepare your order.
What if I want a special botanical in my gin?
First of all, speak to the Head Distiller to discuss your ideas. Then, if we don't have it, we should be able to source it. Depending on the botanical(s) an additional charge may apply.
Do I get a copy of the recipe/method?
Yes and no. We have absolutely no problem with sharing all of the botanicals used in the gin, what type of alcohol we use and elaborating on generally how the gin is made. However, we must also answer no to this question. While we are an open distillery and happy to answer questions about distillation and show visitors around the production area, we keep some secrets close to our chest - one of those secrets is how we make our award winning gins. Therefore all exact recipes and process are kept highly confidential due to their commericially sensitive nature.


Can my order be delivered? Is delivery included?
The gin must be collected from the distillery - we can be flexible with timings for collection - from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. For very small batches we would be happy to post your gin to you at an additional cost. Generally, we would advise that you arrange a courier company to collect the order from the distillery at an agreed date/time. We cannot accept responsbility for any bottles damaged during transit, although some courier companies may be willing to include insurance.
Can I upgrade my chosen quantity?
Yes, you can order as much as you like. If you need more gin, simply drop us e-mail and we'll be happy to send over an additional invoice. If we have the gin available we'll prepare the bottles immediately, otherwise we may need to distil a new batch. We'll keep you posted as to the progress but typically the gin should be dispatched within 5-10 working days. If you order from us on a frequent and regular basis, we'll likely have the gin available at all times.
What kind of gins do you make?
As part of the design service we offer the distillation of London Dry Gin. This is seen as the highest quality of gin. The gin is distilled in the heart of the city using premium organic neutral grain spirit.