Distillery glassware - Bramble

Distillery glassware - Bramble

Distillery glassware - Bramble

Distillery glassware - Bramble

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Short tumbler glass featuring hand-drawn artwork of a Scottish Bramble.
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Product description

This glass shows off artwork of a Bramble (or blackberry) whose design was hand drawn by a member of the team, digitised and was paired with the ideal glass ideally suited for savouring Scottish Bramble Gin.  Curved to allow the notes of fruit and spice to effortlessly rise - whether enjoying neat over ice or mixed to perfection with e.g. White Grape and Apricot Soda by Fever Tree, (or a cheeky Prosecco,) this glass is the perfect shape to enjoy Scottish Bramble Gin.

Includes 2 x cocktail umbrella sticks. All orders include 2 x drink mats.

The drinking experience is not limited to the contents of the glass but the whole experience and ritual of preparing and enjoying your gin. This starts with your glass.

Many of us have strong feelings when it comes to selecting a glass but if you are spending money on a great gin, you want to make sure the whole experience is just right. From the width of the stem to the thickness of the rim. It all makes a huge different to your drinking enjoyment.

We have selected specific glasses that look the part while maximise your drinking pleasure.

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