New gin for 2023 - Scottish Rhubarb and Rose Gin

Introducing Scottish Rhubarb and Rose Gin - a true Aberdeen Gin - and really really tasty.

Whether you enjoy your gin mixed or simply poured neat over ice - this is sure to impress.

The aroma from the gin is sweet, jammy and tart - it's actually made with one third (!) real Scottish Rhubarb - grown about an hour away from the distillery. 

Mixed with a light tonic it's fruity and sweet with notes of jammy rhubarb, counterbalanced by uplifting floral cardamom.  The experience concludes with turkish delight flavours from the rose and a long spice from the pink peppercorns.  A long lasting impression of rhubarb leaves you ready to welcome the next sip.

Why not try Fever Tree Ginger Ale for that classic combination?

Or if you're feeling adventurous - try your hand at a cocktail and make the Rhubarb Kiss - designed by The Wandering Bartender.

Buy / learn more about Scottish Rhubarb and Rose Gin here.

Scottish Rhubarb and Rose Gin