Valentine's day - The Love Box

Ignite valentine's day with a Love Box!

The Love Box is ready to gift - write your personal love message or poem in the space on the front of the box. Each miniature is dressed in glorious pink and sits on a bed of soft luxurious red tissue. Inside you'll also find two distillery drink mats - a reminder of your gin-erosity.

A romantic selection of gins

The love box contains Strawberry Gin, Chocolate & Mint Gin, Tuck Shop Gin, Rhubarb Gin and Bramble Gin.

Strawberries and Chocolate - classic. Tuck Shop Gin - made with Rose petals. Rhubarb Gin - it's pink. Bramble - keep warm.

The Love Glass

You can upgrade your valentine's day with a Limited Edition: Love Glass, featuring a shimmer pink effect (and shimmers on the inside too).

The drinking experience is not limited to the contents of the glass but the whole experience and ritual of preparing and enjoying your gin. This starts with your glass.

Many of us have strong feelings when it comes to selecting a glass but if you are spending money on a great gin, you want to make sure the whole experience is just right. From the width of the stem to the thickness of the rim. It all makes a huge different to your drinking enjoyment.