Experience FAQs

What is the dress code? 

There is no strict dress code with the exception of footwear.  The historic floor of the distillery has been retained and as such is not suitable for high heeled or stilettos style shoes/boots.

What time should I arrive?

We encourage guests to arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the event so we may check everyone in and start the tour on time. 

I'm not drinking - what are the options?

For those not drinking at the time of the event, a limited range of non-alcoholic alternatives are available e.g. soft drinks.  Water is readily available on our tours.

What if I'm not keen on tonic water?

On arrival we'll ask for your preferred mixer - this will be used for your welcome drink and for subsequent samples.  The choices are...

  • Fever Tree Light Tonic water (recommended)
  • Fever Tree Light Lemonade
  • Fever Tree Soda water

Is there a minimum age?


Discovery Tour - 13 years or over (18 for drinking alcohol)
Gin Tasting Masterclass - 18 years or over
Gin School Experience - 18 years or over

There is a strict Challenge 25 policy in effect.  Those lucky enough to appear 25 or under will be asked to prove their age.  Please review the event essential event information for acceptable documents for proof of age.

Where do the tours take place?

Typically the tours are located at the City of Aberdeen Distillery.  The address is Arch 10, Palmerston Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5RE.  Where to find us.

The distillery is situated less than 5 minutes walk from Aberdeen Train Station and 10 minutes from Union Street.  Walk through the Union Square shopping centre, past Marks and Spencers then take a right.  Follow the arches until just before the bridge - we are next to the amazing Sweet Mama's Cafe.

I am the designated driver - where can I park?

We recommend parking at Union Square.  Allow 5-10 minutes for walking to the distillery and allow additional time on Thursday (late night shopping) evenings.

What type of tours are available?

There are 3 main types of tours we offer 

  • Distillery tour - 1 hour
  • Gin Tasting Masterclass - 2 hours
  • Gin School - 3 - 4 hours (take home a bottle of 70cl made to your own recipe on an alembic mini-still)

We are able to put on special/custom tours e.g. corporate events, birthdays, weddings etc.  Discounts are available for large bookings.

Do you offer vouchers for tours?

Yes we do - there are two types of voucher:

1. Experience Gift Cards (physical) - these can be exchanged online or in-store and can be used against tours / merchandise / other products in part or full payment.
2. Experience E-gift Cards (e-mail) - these are experience gift card will grant the redeemer a place on a specific tour.  The redeemer may typically choose from a selection of available event dates.

How do I redeem a voucher?

You can redeem an experience gift card on the website.

Instructions can be found on the Redeem a tour voucher page.

I haven't received my tickets - what should I do?

Please allow up to 2 hours for the tickets to arrive and please double check your spam folder.  Then if your ticket still hasn't arrived, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

What drinks are included?

All tours include a double Gin and Tonic on arrival.

Depending on the tour, additional drinks / tastings / samples may be offered.

Those not drinking are welcome to choose from a limited range of soft drinks / non-alcoholic beverages.  All our tours have water freely available.  

For the Discovery Tour, a goodie bag is given to participants (depending on how the experience was booked) which also included a miniature to take home.

How can I help as a guest?

Some of our events involve the use of high strength alcohol and heaters.  It would be appreciated if guests refrained from arriving in an unsuitable state (i.e.  excessive consumption of alcohol prior to the event).  Entry may be refused to any guest appears to be drunk.  Should entry be refused, we will happily re-book you onto another event day - your safety and the safety of those around you is our primary concern.

Whether you are visiting for a tour or having a gander at our shop, you may find something you'd like to take home with you.  While we have bags available (at cost) we would encourage all our customers to help the environment and bring their favourite re-usable bag.  We wrap your gifts in paper tissue to protect them. 

Please avoid wearing strong fragrances - this will prevent yourself and others from appreciating the delicate aromas of gins and botanicals.

I have accessibility requirements - how can you help?

We are keen to help all guest have an enjoyable time at the distillery.

Please get in touch and we'll be glad to make any necessary arrangements.

Mobility - we have a wheelchair accessible toilet and the arch has no steps.  The floor is uneven in places but is rough providing a good surface friction.

If any of our guests require support/assistance for accessibility reasons from a friend/carer/other, the support/assistance person may attend the event free of charge.  

Take a look at our accessibility guide here.

I have other requirements

We are happy to help in any way we can - please feel free to contact us so we may assist.

Alternatively, add a note to your order in your shopping cart.

I have another question

Thank you for reviewing our FAQs first - please get in touch and we'd be happy to help.