Tour voucher - Gin School Experience

Tour voucher - Gin School Experience

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1 x ticket to the Gin School Experience.

An e-mail with the code will be delivered shortly after purchase to your supplied e-mail address.

For those wishing to present a gift, may wish to select the physical option to have posted to them a hand crafted physical version of the discount code. 

The code entitles one person to a Gin School Experience on a date of their choice (from a selection of dates / times).

Tour vouchers (unless otherwise stated) are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The Gin School Experience

Become a Distiller and create your own gin in this 3 hour experience! Following a short talk and a tour of the facilities, choose from over 100 botanicals and distil your perfect bottle of gin using a beautiful copper alembic mini-still.

The group is led by the head distiller who is on hand to help you select the ideal botanicals and quantities for your unique gin recipe.

Finally, decide the strength, bottle and cap it, and label your own full sized 70cl bottle of gin - you’ll need a name for it too!

Double Gin & Tonic on arrival, drinks throughout, a chance to sample our range of demi-johns and celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail.

10% off when purchasing 10 or more tour vouchers